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Healing the Roots 
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The Emerald is the stone of the heart.  The Emerald Matrix is our beautiful green Mother Earth. We also have an individualized matrix field inside and around our bodies, that corresponds and reacts to everything that happens in the Earth matrix. In that way everyone and everything on Earth are connected.  You are invited into the lush green garden of the New Earth. Come through the Emerald Doorway. Connect with the Emerald Matrix in your heart. We co-create magic and miracles, when we allow ourselves to follow what the heart knows is the true path for ourselves. Lisa Martin began Emerald Matrix Healing in 2018, after spending twenty years working in various areas of the music industry in Los Angeles.  
Integrated Energy Therapy®
 IET® is a hands-on energy therapy system. It works with the violet angelic energy ray, to clear your energy field and your cellular memory.

Hand Analysis
Hand Analysis is the scientific study of hands. On your hands is your blueprint that uncovers your unique story of who you are and why you are here.
IET ® Healing Session
Hand Analysis
Hand Analysis Workshop
Life Purpose Group
Intuitive Energy Balancing/Card Reading
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Healing Sessions are at:
The Golden Reiki Center 
Suite #212
2920 W. Olive Ave. Burbank, Ca 91505